Week 3 Videos

The videos we watched for week 3 relate closely to my research topic on Learning Management Systems.  From the teacher’s perspective, baseline data helps us know our students before they enter our classrooms and formative data helps us create targeted interventions to support “every child, every day.”   In today’s digital age, parents expect more than a trimester report card or annual state assessment results.  They want to know, how is my child doing today?  Likewise, students used to instant feedback on video games thrive on immediate feedback that helps them monitor their own progress and set goals.  Learning management systems can answer for students, where am I today and where am I going?  The student information systems LHCSD has today are focused on grades, not on learning.  As LHCSD continues its migration into digital learning, a new LMS could contribute to a cultural shift that deepens family involvement and puts students in control of their learning.


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