The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

NGDLENext Generation Digital Learning Environment, or NGDLE, will have interoperability, personalization, analytics, advising, learning assessment, collaboration and accessibility and universal design.   Still in development, the NGDLE concept is a one-stop-shop using a “Lego” approach.   A variety of elements will be able to snap together on a in response to higher education’s frustration with Learning Management Systems (LMS).  Sometimes referred to as “walled-gardens,”  LMS focus on the administration of learning, rather than the learning itself.  In contrast, NGDLE is a dynamic, interconnected environment of learners, instructors, tools and content.  Users will be able to personalize their learning environment to make it work for their needs.  NGDLE recognize that learners are both receivers and creators of content.

If your district is looking to upgrade their Student Information Systems (SIS) and LMS, remember NGDLE and envision the possibilities!  See one in action.

Retrieved from Learning Environment


3 thoughts on “The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

  1. I agree that current “LMS focus on the administration of learning, rather than the learning itself.” A good example of this type of LMS is Blackboard. However, with all its limitations, Blackboard seems to be one of the fastest growing software companies in the US. I look forward to seeing a new system that is based on NGDLE!


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