Transforming Education Podcast Series

I really enjoyed listening to Episode 16 – The Future of Education with Melissa Pelochino, fellow.  Melissa talked about her role as a Project Fellow at Stanford’s Design School and shared her thoughts about  education’s transformation.

Melissa’s leadership advice is to 1) listen like a foreigner, 2) challenge assumptions, and 3) act before you’re ready.

Melissa believes that transforming education is about choice and personalizing, not about changing everything.  She envisions a future classroom where there are no walls, students are the primary “knowers” and teachers are invisible (present, but not the focal point.)

Melissa thinks that instead of full day workshops, professional development in the future will be smaller chunks of “micro” content, continuously shared over time.

I’ll be following and sharing her tweets with you all.



3 thoughts on “Transforming Education Podcast Series

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the idea of sharing micro levels over a span of time. One day full of workshops is not as effective. Teachers get slammed with so many strategies and techniques and leave those workshops overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing:)

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