EDD 703 Reflection

Based on CUI “urban legend” I expected this class to be very difficult and time consuming.   It was, but also life-changing.   I am a different learner than I was two months ago.  As I reflect on the most important elements of this class that helped me grow professionally and as a student, I’ve narrowed it down to three.

First, developing a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system for searching, curating and sharing online information has given me the tools and confidence to use online information for both research and job-related needs.  Due to my PKM system, I am better connected with colleagues both in and out of my district, and have found new information and inspirational ideas to use and share professionally.

Second, the Zotero tool changed the way I write research papers.  I search  more online and I organize and store my files digitally.  While Zotero makes in-text and bibliography citations simpler, I find that entering sources into Zotero had made me more aware of APA details.

Finally, learning to utilize Infographics to share data in powerful ways will help me affect change in my district.  I hope to never again put tiny numbers in a chart and expect the data to speak for itself.  Coupling my analysis with graphically engaging displays is a strategic tool for change.

I leave this class with so many tools under my belt and a desire to keep learning more!



One thought on “EDD 703 Reflection

  1. I read this a few nights ago via my iPad, but couldn’t get a comment in at the time. Now that I’m back on my regular computer, I just wanted to say thank you for this reflection on what you will take away from the course. I hope especially the PKM stays with you, since I see what a drastic difference (in either direction) it can make in people’s careers.


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